6 Tips To Enhance Your High

You have probably wondered how to enhance your high in other to have a better “stoned” experience? There are many factors that affect head or body high. Let’s look at some tips and tricks that would help to improve your high. 

1)    Experiment with strains

Many people don’t have many choice strains to choose from. They go with what is available. When smoking one strain repeatedly, your body starts building up tolerance to its effects.

Ask your supplier to find you a different Cannabis strain which would change the effect of the ‘high’ entirely. If you’re in a legal state find a dispensary and try to choose a wide variety to sample.

Within a dispensary, you can take your time and choose what you want for yourself patiently while inspecting the merchandise, like in any normal retail store. Experiment till you find the strains best suited for your specific needs.

Get to know more about Sativas or Indicas. Experiment with different formats, strains, potencies and the likes. This way you get to know more about what you want rather than relying on the judgment of the budtender. It’s best to be knowledgeable about what you like and dislike and not depend on the opinions of others.

2)    Experiment with the way you smoke the herb

Ways to smoke weed

The ways you choose to smoke weed can also affect your high experience. If you’re used to only smoking joints or bongs, perhaps you should try something else like edibles or a vape pen.

Changing the way you consume marijuana also changes the way the effects hit you. Experiment, that’s all I’m saying. Especially, when finding yourself in an “I’m not getting high” situation.

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You smoke, but when smoking isn’t doing it for you anymore, then try some other ways of consuming your cannabis. If you have time, make some brownies or any other type of edible i.e. Cannabutter.

Changing the devices also has an impact. Smoking from a pipe gives you a different high compared to a bong. These small alterations in your smoking methods do have an impact on your high. You need to change your routine to change the type of high you get.

3)    Try hash, oils, and concentrates

Intensify your high with cannabis concentrates and hash. Hash oils and cannabis concentrates have high THC levels within it. Just from smoking a small amount of cannabis concentrate can enhance your high by 50%. The same can be said about hash, a nice hit and you’re at your desired level of high.

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4)    Get moving

Exercise can help get you high too. If you smoke cannabis before or after exercising it has the potential of enhancing your high as well. With your blood pumping, the THC travels much faster,  releasing endorphins coupled with the cannabinoids. This means that it hits you quicker and has the potential to last longer too.

Studies show that exercise pumps 15% more THC filled blood to the brain, helping you focus better and intensifying your high. In many ways, it will feel like the first time smoking weed all over again. There are more benefits to smoking weed and exercising; munchies now become a prize at the end of your routine for example.

5)    Take a tolerance break

This one’s going to hurt guys. You could reset your high if you quit smoking weed for a while.  If you’re an everyday, or an all-day cannabis smoker. Chances are that you have built up a THC tolerance. If you smoked a lot of the same strain of cannabis for a while, your tolerance will definitely render your highs mediocre at best. After about a week of abstinence, when you light up for the first time, well you’ll feel like a cannabis virgin all over again.  

6)    Give edibles a try

Weed snacks

Edibles are an excellent and discreet way to ingest cannabis. Then again, indulging in edibles now and then might be what you need to enhance your high. Edibles give a different and more intense high. Because the absorbed amount of THC is higher and the liver breaks down the THC molecule into 11-Hydroxy-Tetrahydrocannabinol [which is ten times stronger than regular THC]. There are many recipes to try online, you just have to look. More so, you can use the magical butter machine to make edibles i.e. Gummies, Cannabutter etc

Experiment till you find the perfect sweet edible that gets you to your desired state every time.  Edibles, however, aren’t an everyday thing.

An edible high lasts for hours and eating too much could be a very intense experience.  

There you have it, if your tolerance has built up, you have a few choices to choose from. These may or may not work for you but your welcome to try any of the above-mentioned suggestions.

July 12, 2018

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